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U_STABLE ULocaleDisplayNames* U_EXPORT2 uldn_open ( const char *  locale,
UDialectHandling  dialectHandling,
UErrorCode pErrorCode 

Returns an instance of LocaleDisplayNames that returns names formatted for the provided locale, using the provided dialectHandling. The usual value for dialectHandling is ULOC_STANDARD_NAMES.

localethe display locale
dialectHandlinghow to select names for locales
a ULocaleDisplayNames instance
pErrorCodethe status code ICU 4.4

Definition at line 524 of file locdspnm.cpp.

References LocaleDisplayNames::createInstance(), and U_FAILURE.

  if (U_FAILURE(*pErrorCode)) {
    return 0;
  if (locale == NULL) {
    locale = uloc_getDefault();
  return (ULocaleDisplayNames *)LocaleDisplayNames::createInstance(Locale(locale), dialectHandling);

Here is the call graph for this function:

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