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UCharCharacterIterator::UCharCharacterIterator ( const UChar textPtr,
int32_t  length,
int32_t  textBegin,
int32_t  textEnd,
int32_t  position 

Create an iterator over the UChar array referred to by "textPtr". The iteration range is 0 to end-1. text is only aliased, not adopted (the destructor will not delete it). The starting position is specified by "position". If begin and end do not form a valid iteration range or "position" is outside the valid iteration range, the behavior of this object is undefined.

textPtrThe UChar array to be iterated over
lengthThe length of the UChar array
textBeginThe begin position of the iteration range
textEndThe end position of the iteration range
positionThe starting position of the iteration ICU 2.0

Definition at line 40 of file uchriter.cpp.

  : CharacterIterator(textPtr != 0 ? (length>=0 ? length : u_strlen(textPtr)) : 0, textBegin, textEnd, position),

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