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const TimeZone & Calendar::getTimeZone ( void  ) const [inherited]

Returns a reference to the time zone owned by this calendar. The returned reference is only valid until clients make another call to adoptTimeZone or setTimeZone, or this Calendar is destroyed.

The time zone object associated with this calendar. ICU 2.0

Definition at line 2054 of file calendar.cpp.

References Calendar::fZone.

Referenced by SimpleDateFormat::_format(), Calendar::computeFields(), Calendar::computeZoneOffset(), DateFormat::getTimeZone(), CECalendar::inDaylightTime(), ChineseCalendar::inDaylightTime(), PersianCalendar::inDaylightTime(), IndianCalendar::inDaylightTime(), HebrewCalendar::inDaylightTime(), IslamicCalendar::inDaylightTime(), GregorianCalendar::inDaylightTime(), DateFormat::parse(), SimpleDateFormat::parse(), GregorianCalendar::setGregorianChange(), SimpleDateFormat::subFormat(), SimpleDateFormat::subParse(), CalendarTest::test4064654(), and CalendarTest::TestGenericAPI().

    return *fZone;

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