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 * Copyright (C) 2011, International Business Machines Corporation and         *
 * others. All Rights Reserved.                                                *

#ifndef __TZNAMES_IMPL_H__
#define __TZNAMES_IMPL_H__

 * \file
 * \brief C++ API: TimeZoneNames object

#include "unicode/utypes.h"


#include "tznames.h"
#include "unicode/ures.h"
#include "unicode/locid.h"
#include "uhash.h"
#include "uvector.h"
#include "umutex.h"


 * ZNStringPool    Pool of (UChar *) strings.  Provides for sharing of repeated
 *                 zone strings.
struct ZNStringPoolChunk;
00035 class U_I18N_API ZNStringPool: public UMemory {
    ZNStringPool(UErrorCode &status);

    /* Get the pooled string that is equal to the supplied string s.
     * Copy the string into the pool if it is not already present.
     * Life time of the returned string is that of the pool.
    const UChar *get(const UChar *s, UErrorCode &status);

    /* Get the pooled string that is equal to the supplied string s.
     * Copy the string into the pool if it is not already present.
    const UChar *get(const UnicodeString &s, UErrorCode &status);

    /* Adopt a string into the pool, without copying it.
     * Used for strings from resource bundles, which will persist without copying.
    const UChar *adopt(const UChar *s, UErrorCode &status);

    /* Freeze the string pool.  Discards the hash table that is used
     * for looking up a string.  All pointers to pooled strings remain valid.
    void freeze();

    ZNStringPoolChunk   *fChunks;
    UHashtable           *fHash;

 * Character node used by TextTrieMap
00070 struct CharacterNode {
    // No constructor or destructor.
    // We malloc and free an uninitalized array of CharacterNode objects
    // and clear and delete them ourselves.

    void clear();
    void deleteValues(UObjectDeleter *valueDeleter);

    void addValue(void *value, UObjectDeleter *valueDeleter, UErrorCode &status);
    inline UBool hasValues() const;
    inline int32_t countValues() const;
    inline const void *getValue(int32_t index) const;

    void     *fValues;      // Union of one single value vs. UVector of values.
    UChar    fCharacter;    // UTF-16 code unit.
    uint16_t fFirstChild;   // 0 if no children.
    uint16_t fNextSibling;  // 0 terminates the list.
    UBool    fHasValuesVector;
    UBool    fPadding;

    // No value:   fValues == NULL               and  fHasValuesVector == FALSE
    // One value:  fValues == value              and  fHasValuesVector == FALSE
    // >=2 values: fValues == UVector of values  and  fHasValuesVector == TRUE

inline UBool CharacterNode::hasValues() const {
    return (UBool)(fValues != NULL);

inline int32_t CharacterNode::countValues() const {
        fValues == NULL ? 0 :
        !fHasValuesVector ? 1 :
        ((const UVector *)fValues)->size();

inline const void *CharacterNode::getValue(int32_t index) const {
    if (!fHasValuesVector) {
        return fValues;  // Assume index == 0.
    } else {
        return ((const UVector *)fValues)->elementAt(index);

 * Search result handler callback interface used by TextTrieMap search.
00117 class TextTrieMapSearchResultHandler : public UMemory {
    virtual UBool handleMatch(int32_t matchLength,
                              const CharacterNode *node, UErrorCode& status) = 0;
    virtual ~TextTrieMapSearchResultHandler(); //added to avoid warning

 * TextTrieMap is a trie implementation for supporting
 * fast prefix match for the string key.
00128 class U_I18N_API TextTrieMap : public UMemory {
    TextTrieMap(UBool ignoreCase, UObjectDeleter *valeDeleter);
    virtual ~TextTrieMap();

    void put(const UnicodeString &key, void *value, ZNStringPool &sp, UErrorCode &status);
    void put(const UChar*, void *value, UErrorCode &status);
    void search(const UnicodeString &text, int32_t start,
        TextTrieMapSearchResultHandler *handler, UErrorCode& status) const;
    int32_t isEmpty() const;

    UBool           fIgnoreCase;
    CharacterNode   *fNodes;
    int32_t         fNodesCapacity;
    int32_t         fNodesCount;

    UVector         *fLazyContents;
    UBool           fIsEmpty;
    UObjectDeleter  *fValueDeleter;

    UBool growNodes();
    CharacterNode* addChildNode(CharacterNode *parent, UChar c, UErrorCode &status);
    CharacterNode* getChildNode(CharacterNode *parent, UChar c) const;

    void putImpl(const UnicodeString &key, void *value, UErrorCode &status);
    void buildTrie(UErrorCode &status);
    void search(CharacterNode *node, const UnicodeString &text, int32_t start,
        int32_t index, TextTrieMapSearchResultHandler *handler, UErrorCode &status) const;

class ZNames;
class TZNames;
class TextTrieMap;

00165 class TimeZoneNamesImpl : public TimeZoneNames {
    TimeZoneNamesImpl(const Locale& locale, UErrorCode& status);

    virtual ~TimeZoneNamesImpl();

    StringEnumeration* getAvailableMetaZoneIDs(UErrorCode& status) const;
    StringEnumeration* getAvailableMetaZoneIDs(const UnicodeString& tzID, UErrorCode& status) const;

    UnicodeString& getMetaZoneID(const UnicodeString& tzID, UDate date, UnicodeString& mzID) const;
    UnicodeString& getReferenceZoneID(const UnicodeString& mzID, const char* region, UnicodeString& tzID) const;

    UnicodeString& getMetaZoneDisplayName(const UnicodeString& mzID, UTimeZoneNameType type, UnicodeString& name) const;
    UnicodeString& getTimeZoneDisplayName(const UnicodeString& tzID, UTimeZoneNameType type, UnicodeString& name) const;

    UnicodeString& getExemplarLocationName(const UnicodeString& tzID, UnicodeString& name) const;

    TimeZoneNameMatchInfo* find(const UnicodeString& text, int32_t start, uint32_t types, UErrorCode& status) const;


    Locale fLocale;
    UMTX fLock;

    UResourceBundle* fZoneStrings;

    UHashtable* fTZNamesMap;
    UHashtable* fMZNamesMap;

    UBool fNamesTrieFullyLoaded;
    TextTrieMap fNamesTrie;

    void initialize(const Locale& locale, UErrorCode& status);
    void cleanup();

    void loadStrings(const UnicodeString& tzCanonicalID);

    ZNames* loadMetaZoneNames(const UnicodeString& mzId);
    TZNames* loadTimeZoneNames(const UnicodeString& mzId);


#endif /* #if !UCONFIG_NO_FORMATTING */

#endif // __TZNAMES_IMPL_H__

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