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Public Attributes

UCollator Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

char * actualLocale
UColAttributeValue alternateHandling
UBool alternateHandlingisDefault
UColAttributeValue caseFirst
UBool caseFirstisDefault
UColAttributeValue caseLevel
UBool caseLevelisDefault
uint8_t caseSwitch
const uint32_t * contractionCEs
const UCharcontractionIndex
const uint8_t * contrEndCP
UVersionInfo dataVersion
int32_t * defaultReorderCodes
int32_t defaultReorderCodesLength
const uint32_t * endExpansionCE
const uint32_t * expansion
const uint8_t * expansionCESize
UBool freeDefaultReorderCodesOnClose
UBool freeImageOnClose
UBool freeLeadBytePermutationTableOnClose
UBool freeOnClose
UBool freeOptionsOnClose
UBool freeReorderCodesOnClose
UBool freeRulesOnClose
UColAttributeValue frenchCollation
UBool frenchCollationisDefault
UBool hasRealData
UColAttributeValue hiraganaQ
UBool hiraganaQisDefault
const UCATableHeaderimage
const uint32_t * lastEndExpansionCE
uint32_t * latinOneCEs
UBool latinOneFailed
const uint32_t * latinOneMapping
UBool latinOneRegenTable
int32_t latinOneTableLen
UBool latinOneUse
uint8_t * leadBytePermutationTable
UTrie mapping
UChar minContrEndCP
UChar minUnsafeCP
UColAttributeValue normalizationMode
UBool normalizationModeisDefault
UColAttributeValue numericCollation
UBool numericCollationisDefault
int32_t * reorderCodes
int32_t reorderCodesLength
char * requestedLocale
const UCharrules
int32_t rulesLength
SortKeyGenerator * sortKeyGen
UColAttributeValue strength
UBool strengthisDefault
int8_t tertiaryAddition
uint8_t tertiaryBottom
uint8_t tertiaryBottomCount
uint8_t tertiaryCommon
uint8_t tertiaryMask
uint8_t tertiaryTop
uint8_t tertiaryTopCount
const UCollatorUCA
const UCharucaRules
const uint8_t * unsafeCP
char * validLocale
uint32_t variableTopValue
UBool variableTopValueisDefault

Detailed Description

Definition at line 982 of file ucol_imp.h.

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