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int8_t UnicodeString::compareBetween ( int32_t  start,
int32_t  limit,
const UnicodeString srcText,
int32_t  srcStart,
int32_t  srcLimit 
) const [inline]

Compare the characters bitwise in the range [start, limit) with the characters in srcText in the range [srcStart, srcLimit).

startthe offset at which the compare operation begins
limitthe offset immediately following the compare operation
srcTextthe text to be compared
srcStartthe offset into srcText to start comparison
srcLimitthe offset into srcText to limit comparison
The result of bitwise character comparison: 0 if this contains the same characters as srcText, -1 if the characters in this are bitwise less than the characters in srcText, +1 if the characters in this are bitwise greater than the characters in srcText. ICU 2.0

Definition at line 3639 of file unistr.h.

Referenced by SimpleDateFormat::matchQuarterString(), SimpleDateFormat::matchString(), DateFormatTest::TestBadInput135(), UnicodeStringTest::TestCompare(), and DateFormatTest::TestQuotePattern161().

{ return doCompare(start, limit - start,
           srcText, srcStart, srcLimit - srcStart); }

Here is the caller graph for this function:

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