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UnicodeString & SimpleDateFormat::toLocalizedPattern ( UnicodeString result,
UErrorCode status 
) const [virtual]

Return a localized pattern string describing this date format. In most cases, this will return the same thing as toPattern(), but a locale can specify characters to use in pattern descriptions in place of the ones described in this class's class documentation. (Presumably, letters that would be more mnemonic in that locale's language.) This function would produce a pattern using those letters.

resultReceives the localized pattern.
statusOutput param set to success/failure code on exit. If the pattern is invalid, this will be set to a failure result.
A reference to 'result'. ICU 2.0

Definition at line 3264 of file smpdtfmt.cpp.

References DateFormatSymbols::fLocalPatternChars, fPattern, fSymbols, DateFormatSymbols::getPatternUChars(), and translatePattern().

Referenced by DateFormatMiscTests::test4099975(), IntlTestSimpleDateFormatAPI::testAPI(), and udat_toPattern().

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