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UnicodeString & SimpleDateFormat::format ( Calendar cal,
UnicodeString appendTo,
FieldPositionIterator posIter,
UErrorCode status 
) const [virtual]

Format a date or time, which is the standard millis since 24:00 GMT, Jan 1, 1970. Overrides DateFormat pure virtual method.

Example: using the US locale: "yyyy.MM.dd e 'at' HH:mm:ss zzz" ->> 1996.07.10 AD at 15:08:56 PDT

calCalendar set to the date and time to be formatted into a date/time string.
appendToOutput parameter to receive result. Result is appended to existing contents.
posIterOn return, can be used to iterate over positions of fields generated by this format call. Field values are defined in UDateFormatField.
statusInput/output param set to success/failure code.
Reference to 'appendTo' parameter. ICU 4.4

Reimplemented from DateFormat.

Definition at line 819 of file smpdtfmt.cpp.

References _format().

  FieldPositionIteratorHandler handler(posIter, status);
  return _format(cal, appendTo, handler, status);

Here is the call graph for this function:

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