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void SimpleDateFormat::initializeSymbols ( const Locale locale,
Calendar calendar,
UErrorCode status 
) [private]

initializes fSymbols from parameters.

localeLocale of the symbols
calendarAlias to Calendar that will be used.
statusError code

Definition at line 719 of file smpdtfmt.cpp.

References fSymbols, Calendar::getType(), NULL, U_FAILURE, and U_MEMORY_ALLOCATION_ERROR.

Referenced by adoptCalendar(), construct(), and SimpleDateFormat().

  if(U_FAILURE(status)) {
    fSymbols = NULL;
  } else {
    // pass in calendar type - use NULL (default) if no calendar set (or err).
    fSymbols = new DateFormatSymbols(locale, calendar?calendar->getType() :NULL , status);
    // Null pointer check
    if (fSymbols == NULL) {

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