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int32_t RuleBasedCollator::getEquivalentReorderCodes ( int32_t  reorderCode,
int32_t *  dest,
int32_t  destCapacity,
UErrorCode status 
) [static]

Retrieves the reorder codes that are grouped with the given reorder code. Some reorder codes will be grouped and must reorder together.

reorderCodeThe reorder code to determine equivalence for.
destThe array to fill with the script equivalene reordering codes.
destCapacityThe length of dest. If it is 0, then dest may be NULL and the function will only return the length of the result without writing any of the result string (pre-flighting).
statusA reference to an error code value, which must not indicate a failure before the function call.
The length of the of the reordering code equivalence array.
See also:
Collator::setReorderCodes ICU 4.8

Reimplemented from Collator.

Definition at line 631 of file tblcoll.cpp.

    return ucol_getEquivalentReorderCodes(reorderCode, dest, destCapacity, &status);

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