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void DecimalFormat::adoptDecimalFormatSymbols ( DecimalFormatSymbols symbolsToAdopt ) [virtual]

Sets the decimal format symbols, which is generally not changed by the programmer or user.

symbolsToAdoptDecimalFormatSymbols to be adopted. ICU 2.0

Definition at line 2630 of file decimfmt.cpp.

References expandAffixes(), FALSE, DecimalFormatSymbols::getConstSymbol(), getConstSymbol(), DecimalFormatSymbols::kCurrencySymbol, DecimalFormatSymbols::kIntlCurrencySymbol, NULL, and setCurrencyForSymbols().

Referenced by setDecimalFormatSymbols(), NumberFormatRegressionTest::Test4147706(), NumberFormatTest::TestAdoptDecimalFormatSymbols(), and IntlTestDecimalFormatAPI::testAPI().

    if (symbolsToAdopt == NULL) {
        return; // do not allow caller to set fSymbols to NULL

    UBool sameSymbols = FALSE;
    if (fSymbols != NULL) {
        sameSymbols = (UBool)(getConstSymbol(DecimalFormatSymbols::kCurrencySymbol) ==
            symbolsToAdopt->getConstSymbol(DecimalFormatSymbols::kCurrencySymbol) &&
            getConstSymbol(DecimalFormatSymbols::kIntlCurrencySymbol) ==
        delete fSymbols;

    fSymbols = symbolsToAdopt;
    if (!sameSymbols) {
        // If the currency symbols are the same, there is no need to recalculate.

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