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virtual CollationKey& Collator::getCollationKey ( const UChar source,
int32_t  sourceLength,
CollationKey key,
UErrorCode status 
) const [pure virtual]

Transforms the string into a series of characters that can be compared with CollationKey::compareTo. It is not possible to restore the original string from the chars in the sort key. The generated sort key handles only a limited number of ignorable characters.

Use CollationKey::equals or CollationKey::compare to compare the generated sort keys.

If the source string is null, a null collation key will be returned.

sourcethe source string to be transformed into a sort key.
sourceLengthlength of the collation key
keythe collation key to be filled in
statusthe error code status.
the collation key of the string based on the collation rules.
See also:
ICU 2.8 Use getSortKey(...) instead

Implemented in RuleBasedCollator, and TestCollator.

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