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UBool U_EXPORT2 Collator::unregister ( URegistryKey  key,
UErrorCode status 
) [static, inherited]

Unregister a previously-registered Collator or CollatorFactory using the key returned from the register call. Key becomes invalid after a successful call and should not be used again. The object corresponding to the key will be deleted.

keythe registry key returned by a previous call to registerInstance
statusthe in/out status code, no special meanings are assigned
TRUE if the collator for the key was successfully unregistered ICU 2.6

Definition at line 699 of file coll.cpp.

References FALSE, U_ILLEGAL_ARGUMENT_ERROR, U_SUCCESS, and ICUService::unregister().

    if (U_SUCCESS(status)) {
        if (hasService()) {
            return gService->unregister(key, status);
        status = U_ILLEGAL_ARGUMENT_ERROR;
    return FALSE;

Here is the call graph for this function:

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