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virtual uint32_t Collator::setVariableTop ( const UChar varTop,
int32_t  len,
UErrorCode status 
) [pure virtual]

Sets the variable top to a collation element value of a string supplied.

varTopone or more (if contraction) UChars to which the variable top should be set
lenlength of variable top string. If -1 it is considered to be zero terminated.
statuserror code. If error code is set, the return value is undefined. Errors set by this function are:
U_CE_NOT_FOUND_ERROR if more than one character was passed and there is no such a contraction
U_PRIMARY_TOO_LONG_ERROR if the primary for the variable top has more than two bytes
a 32 bit value containing the value of the variable top in upper 16 bits. Lower 16 bits are undefined ICU 2.0

Implemented in RuleBasedCollator, and TestCollator.

Referenced by CollationAPITest::TestVariableTopSetting().

Here is the caller graph for this function:

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