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const Locale *U_EXPORT2 Collator::getAvailableLocales ( int32_t &  count ) [static, inherited]

Get the set of Locales for which Collations are installed.

Note this does not include locales supported by registered collators. If collators might have been registered, use the overload of getAvailableLocales that returns a StringEnumeration.

countthe output parameter of number of elements in the locale list
the list of available locales for which collations are installed ICU 2.0

Definition at line 478 of file coll.cpp.

References NULL, and U_ZERO_ERROR.

    UErrorCode status = U_ZERO_ERROR;
    Locale *result = NULL;
    count = 0;
    if (isAvailableLocaleListInitialized(status))
        result = availableLocaleList;
        count = availableLocaleListCount;
    return result;

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