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UnicodeString &U_EXPORT2 Collator::getDisplayName ( const Locale objectLocale,
const Locale displayLocale,
UnicodeString name 
) [static, inherited]

Get name of the object for the desired Locale, in the desired langauge

objectLocalemust be from getAvailableLocales
displayLocalespecifies the desired locale for output
namethe fill-in parameter of the return value
display-able name of the object for the object locale in the desired language ICU 2.0

Definition at line 491 of file coll.cpp.

References Locale::getDisplayName(), and ICUService::getDisplayName().

Referenced by Collator::getDisplayName(), CollationAPITest::TestDisplayName(), CollationAPITest::TestProperty(), CollationAPITest::TestSubclass(), and ucol_getDisplayName().

    if (hasService()) {
        UnicodeString locNameStr;
        LocaleUtility::initNameFromLocale(objectLocale, locNameStr);
        return gService->getDisplayName(locNameStr, name, displayLocale);
    return objectLocale.getDisplayName(displayLocale, name);

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