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int32_t U_EXPORT2 Collator::getBound ( const uint8_t *  source,
int32_t  sourceLength,
UColBoundMode  boundType,
uint32_t  noOfLevels,
uint8_t *  result,
int32_t  resultLength,
UErrorCode status 
) [static, inherited]

Produce a bound for a given sortkey and a number of levels. Return value is always the number of bytes needed, regardless of whether the result buffer was big enough or even valid.
Resulting bounds can be used to produce a range of strings that are between upper and lower bounds. For example, if bounds are produced for a sortkey of string "smith", strings between upper and lower bounds with one level would include "Smith", "SMITH", "sMiTh".
There are two upper bounds that can be produced. If UCOL_BOUND_UPPER is produced, strings matched would be as above. However, if bound produced using UCOL_BOUND_UPPER_LONG is used, the above example will also match "Smithsonian" and similar.
For more on usage, see example in cintltst/capitst.c in procedure TestBounds. Sort keys may be compared using strcmp.

sourceThe source sortkey.
sourceLengthThe length of source, or -1 if null-terminated. (If an unmodified sortkey is passed, it is always null terminated).
boundTypeType of bound required. It can be UCOL_BOUND_LOWER, which produces a lower inclusive bound, UCOL_BOUND_UPPER, that produces upper bound that matches strings of the same length or UCOL_BOUND_UPPER_LONG that matches strings that have the same starting substring as the source string.
noOfLevelsNumber of levels required in the resulting bound (for most uses, the recommended value is 1). See users guide for explanation on number of levels a sortkey can have.
resultA pointer to a buffer to receive the resulting sortkey.
resultLengthThe maximum size of result.
statusUsed for returning error code if something went wrong. If the number of levels requested is higher than the number of levels in the source key, a warning (U_SORT_KEY_TOO_SHORT_WARNING) is issued.
The size needed to fully store the bound.
See also:
ucol_keyHashCode ICU 2.1

Definition at line 566 of file coll.cpp.

Referenced by CollationAPITest::TestBounds().

    return ucol_getBound(source, sourceLength, boundType, noOfLevels, result, resultLength, &status);

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