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void Calendar::setTimeZone ( const TimeZone zone ) [inherited]

Sets the calendar's time zone to be the same as the one passed in. The TimeZone passed in is _not_ adopted; the client is still responsible for deleting it.

zoneThe given time zone. ICU 2.0

Definition at line 2046 of file calendar.cpp.

References Calendar::adoptTimeZone(), and TimeZone::clone().

Referenced by SimpleDateFormat::_format(), DateIntervalFormat::adoptTimeZone(), Calendar::createInstance(), SimpleDateFormat::parse(), DateIntervalFormat::setTimeZone(), DateFormat::setTimeZone(), CalendarRegressionTest::test4096231(), TimeZoneRegressionTest::Test4109314(), CalendarTest::TestEpochStartFields(), and DateFormatTest::TestWallyWedel().


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