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U_STABLE const char* U_EXPORT2 u_getPropertyName ( UProperty  property,
UPropertyNameChoice  nameChoice 

Return the Unicode name for a given property, as given in the Unicode database file PropertyAliases.txt.

In addition, this function maps the property UCHAR_GENERAL_CATEGORY_MASK to the synthetic names "gcm" / "General_Category_Mask". These names are not in PropertyAliases.txt.

property UProperty selector other than UCHAR_INVALID_CODE. If out of range, NULL is returned.
nameChoice selector for which name to get. If out of range, NULL is returned. All properties have a long name. Most have a short name, but some do not. Unicode allows for additional names; if present these will be returned by U_LONG_PROPERTY_NAME + i, where i=1, 2,...
a pointer to the name, or NULL if either the property or the nameChoice is out of range. If a given nameChoice returns NULL, then all larger values of nameChoice will return NULL, with one exception: if NULL is returned for U_SHORT_PROPERTY_NAME, then U_LONG_PROPERTY_NAME (and higher) may still return a non-NULL value. The returned pointer is valid until u_cleanup() is called.
See also:

UPropertyNameChoice ICU 2.4

Definition at line 294 of file propname.cpp.

References NULL.

    return load() ? PNAME->getPropertyName(property, nameChoice)
                  : NULL;

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