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U_STABLE void U_EXPORT2 ubrk_setText ( UBreakIterator bi,
const UChar *  text,
int32_t  textLength,
UErrorCode status 

Sets an existing iterator to point to a new piece of text

bi The iterator to use
text The text to be set
textLength The length of the text
status The error code ICU 2.0

Definition at line 164 of file ubrk.cpp.

References BreakIterator::setText(), and UTEXT_INITIALIZER.

    BreakIterator *brit = (BreakIterator *)bi;
    utext_openUChars(&ut, text, textLength, status);
    brit->setText(&ut, *status);
    // A stack allocated UText wrapping a UCHar * string
    //   can be dumped without explicitly closing it.

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