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U_STABLE int32_t U_EXPORT2 ubrk_getRuleStatusVec ( UBreakIterator bi,
int32_t *  fillInVec,
int32_t  capacity,
UErrorCode status 

Get the statuses from the break rules that determined the most recently returned break position. The values appear in the rule source within brackets, {123}, for example. The default status value for rules that do not explicitly provide one is zero.

For word break iterators, the possible values are defined in enum UWordBreak.

bi The break iterator to use
fillInVec an array to be filled in with the status values.
capacity the length of the supplied vector. A length of zero causes the function to return the number of status values, in the normal way, without attemtping to store any values.
status receives error codes.
The number of rule status values from rules that determined the most recent boundary returned by the break iterator. ICU 3.0

Definition at line 272 of file ubrk.cpp.

    return ((RuleBasedBreakIterator *)bi)->RuleBasedBreakIterator::getRuleStatusVec(fillInVec, capacity, *status);

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