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UText Struct Reference

#include <utext.h>

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Detailed Description

UText struct. Provides the interface between the generic UText access code and the UText provider code that works on specific kinds of text (UTF-8, noncontiguous UTF-16, whatever.)

Applications that are using predefined types of text providers to pass text data to ICU services will have no need to view the internals of the UText structs that they open.

ICU 3.6

Definition at line 1482 of file utext.h.

Public Attributes

int64_t a
int32_t b
int32_t c
const UChar * chunkContents
int32_t chunkLength
int64_t chunkNativeLimit
int64_t chunkNativeStart
int32_t chunkOffset
const void * context
int32_t extraSize
int32_t flags
uint32_t magic
int32_t nativeIndexingLimit
const void * p
void * pExtra
const UTextFuncspFuncs
int64_t privA
int32_t privB
int32_t privC
void * privP
int32_t providerProperties
const void * q
const void * r
int32_t sizeOfStruct

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