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UConverterImpl Struct Reference

#include <ucnv_cnv.h>

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Detailed Description

UConverterImpl contains all the data and functions for a converter type. Its function pointers work much like a C++ vtable. Many converter types need to define only a subset of the functions; when a function pointer is NULL, then a default action will be performed.

Every converter type must implement toUnicode, fromUnicode, and getNextUChar, otherwise the converter may crash. Every converter type that has variable-length codepage sequences should also implement toUnicodeWithOffsets and fromUnicodeWithOffsets for correct offset handling. All other functions may or may not be implemented - it depends only on whether the converter type needs them.

When open() fails, then close() will be called, if present.

Definition at line 227 of file ucnv_cnv.h.

Public Attributes

UConverterClose close
UConverterFromUnicode fromUnicode
UConverterFromUnicode fromUnicodeWithOffsets
UConverterConvert fromUTF8
UConverterGetName getName
UConverterGetNextUChar getNextUChar
UConverterGetStarters getStarters
UConverterGetUnicodeSet getUnicodeSet
UConverterLoad load
UConverterOpen open
UConverterReset reset
UConverterSafeClone safeClone
UConverterToUnicode toUnicode
UConverterToUnicode toUnicodeWithOffsets
UConverterConvert toUTF8
UConverterType type
UConverterUnload unload
UConverterWriteSub writeSub

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