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virtual UClassID Transliterator::getDynamicClassID ( void   )  const [pure virtual]

Returns a unique class ID polymorphically. This method is to implement a simple version of RTTI, since not all C++ compilers support genuine RTTI. Polymorphic operator==() and clone() methods call this method.

Concrete subclasses of Transliterator must use the UOBJECT_DEFINE_RTTI_IMPLEMENTATION macro from uobject.h to provide the RTTI functions.

The class ID for this object. All objects of a given class have the same class ID. Objects of other classes have different class IDs. ICU 2.0

Implements UObject.

Implemented in AnyTransliterator, BreakTransliterator, CompoundTransliterator, EscapeTransliterator, NameUnicodeTransliterator, NormalizationTransliterator, NullTransliterator, RuleBasedTransliterator, RemoveTransliterator, TitlecaseTransliterator, LowercaseTransliterator, UppercaseTransliterator, UnescapeTransliterator, and UnicodeNameTransliterator.

Referenced by countElements(), createFromRules(), and getElement().

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