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UnicodeString &U_EXPORT2 Transliterator::getAvailableTarget ( int32_t  index,
const UnicodeString source,
UnicodeString result 
) [static, inherited]

Return a registered target specifier for a given source.

index which specifier to return, from 0 to n-1, where n = countAvailableTargets(source)
source the source specifier
result fill-in paramter to receive the target specifier. If source is invalid or if index is out of range, result will be empty.
reference to result ICU 2.0

Definition at line 1370 of file translit.cpp.

References Transliterator::_getAvailableTarget(), and U_ZERO_ERROR.

Referenced by TransliteratorTest::TestIncrementalProgress(), and TransliteratorTest::TestSTV().

    Mutex lock(&registryMutex);
    UErrorCode ec = U_ZERO_ERROR;
    if (HAVE_REGISTRY(ec)) {
        _getAvailableTarget(index, source, result);
    return result;

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