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int32_t Transliterator::countElements (  )  const [inherited]

Return the number of elements that make up this transliterator. For example, if the transliterator "NFD;Jamo-Latin;Latin-Greek" were created, the return value of this method would be 3.

If this transliterator is not composed of other transliterators, then this method returns 1.

the number of transliterators that compose this transliterator, or 1 if this transliterator is not composed of multiple transliterators ICU 3.0

Definition at line 1158 of file translit.cpp.

References Transliterator::getDynamicClassID(), and CompoundTransliterator::getStaticClassID().

Referenced by TransliteratorTest::TestNewEngine().

    return (this->getDynamicClassID() ==
            CompoundTransliterator::getStaticClassID()) ?
        ((const CompoundTransliterator*) this)->getCount() : 0;

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