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void MessageFormat::parseObject ( const UnicodeString source,
Formattable result,
ParsePosition pos 
) const [virtual]

Parses the given string into an array of output arguments stored within a single Formattable of type kArray.

source The string to be parsed into an object.
result Formattable to be set to the parse result. If parse fails, return contents are undefined.
pos On input, starting position for parse. On output, final position after parse. Unchanged if parse fails. ICU 2.0

Implements Format.

Definition at line 1449 of file msgfmt.cpp.

References Formattable::adoptArray(), NULL, and parse().

Referenced by TimeUnitFormat::parseObject().

    int32_t cnt = 0;
    Formattable* tmpResult = parse(source, status, cnt);
    if (tmpResult != NULL) 
        result.adoptArray(tmpResult, cnt);

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