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LEGlyphStorage Class Reference

#include <LEGlyphStorage.h>

Inheritance diagram for LEGlyphStorage:

UObject LEInsertionCallback UMemory

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Detailed Description

This class encapsulates the per-glyph storage used by the ICU LayoutEngine. For each glyph it holds the glyph ID, the index of the backing store character which produced the glyph, the X and Y position of the glyph and an auxillary data pointer.

The storage is growable using the LEInsertionList class.

See also:
ICU 3.6

Definition at line 34 of file LEGlyphStorage.h.

Public Member Functions

void adjustPosition (le_int32 glyphIndex, float xAdjust, float yAdjust, LEErrorCode &success)
void adoptAuxDataArray (LEGlyphStorage &from)
void adoptCharIndicesArray (LEGlyphStorage &from)
void adoptGlyphArray (LEGlyphStorage &from)
void adoptGlyphCount (le_int32 newGlyphCount)
void adoptGlyphCount (LEGlyphStorage &from)
void adoptPositionArray (LEGlyphStorage &from)
le_int32 allocateAuxData (LEErrorCode &success)
void allocateGlyphArray (le_int32 initialGlyphCount, le_bool rightToLeft, LEErrorCode &success)
le_int32 allocatePositions (LEErrorCode &success)
le_int32 applyInsertions ()
le_uint32 getAuxData (le_int32 glyphIndex, LEErrorCode &success) const
void getAuxData (le_uint32 auxData[], LEErrorCode &success) const
le_int32 getCharIndex (le_int32 glyphIndex, LEErrorCode &success) const
void getCharIndices (le_int32 charIndices[], le_int32 indexBase, LEErrorCode &success) const
void getCharIndices (le_int32 charIndices[], LEErrorCode &success) const
virtual UClassID getDynamicClassID () const
le_int32 getGlyphCount () const
LEGlyphID getGlyphID (le_int32 glyphIndex, LEErrorCode &success) const
void getGlyphPosition (le_int32 glyphIndex, float &x, float &y, LEErrorCode &success) const
void getGlyphPositions (float positions[], LEErrorCode &success) const
void getGlyphs (le_uint32 glyphs[], le_uint32 extraBits, LEErrorCode &success) const
void getGlyphs (LEGlyphID glyphs[], LEErrorCode &success) const
LEGlyphIDinsertGlyphs (le_int32 atIndex, le_int32 insertCount)
LEGlyphIDinsertGlyphs (le_int32 atIndex, le_int32 insertCount, LEErrorCode &success)
 LEGlyphStorage ()
void moveGlyph (le_int32 fromPosition, le_int32 toPosition, le_uint32 marker)
LEGlyphIDoperator[] (le_int32 glyphIndex) const
void reset ()
void setAuxData (le_int32 glyphIndex, le_uint32 auxData, LEErrorCode &success)
void setCharIndex (le_int32 glyphIndex, le_int32 charIndex, LEErrorCode &success)
void setGlyphID (le_int32 glyphIndex, LEGlyphID glyphID, LEErrorCode &success)
void setPosition (le_int32 glyphIndex, float x, float y, LEErrorCode &success)
 ~LEGlyphStorage ()

Static Public Member Functions

static UClassID getStaticClassID ()
static void U_EXPORT2 operator delete (void *, void *) U_NO_THROW
static void U_EXPORT2 operator delete (void *p) U_NO_THROW
static void U_EXPORT2 operator delete[] (void *p) U_NO_THROW
static void *U_EXPORT2 operator new (size_t, void *ptr) U_NO_THROW
static void *U_EXPORT2 operator new (size_t size) U_NO_THROW
static void *U_EXPORT2 operator new[] (size_t size) U_NO_THROW

Protected Member Functions

virtual le_bool applyInsertion (le_int32 atPosition, le_int32 count, LEGlyphID newGlyphs[])

Private Attributes

le_int32 fDestIndex
le_int32 fGlyphCount
float * fPositions
le_int32 fSrcIndex

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