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ztrans.cpp File Reference

Detailed Description

C API: Time zone transition classes.

Definition in file ztrans.cpp.

#include "unicode/utypes.h"
#include "unicode/uobject.h"
#include "ztrans.h"
#include "unicode/tztrans.h"
#include "cmemory.h"
#include "unicode/ustring.h"
#include "unicode/parsepos.h"

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U_CAPI void U_EXPORT2 ztrans_adoptFrom (ZTrans *trans, void *from)
U_CAPI void U_EXPORT2 ztrans_adoptTo (ZTrans *trans, void *to)
U_CAPI ZTrans *U_EXPORT2 ztrans_clone (ZTrans *trans)
U_CAPI void U_EXPORT2 ztrans_close (ZTrans *trans)
U_CAPI UBool U_EXPORT2 ztrans_equals (const ZTrans *trans1, const ZTrans *trans2)
U_CAPI UClassID U_EXPORT2 ztrans_getDynamicClassID (ZTrans *trans)
U_CAPI void *U_EXPORT2 ztrans_getFrom (ZTrans *&trans)
U_CAPI UClassID U_EXPORT2 ztrans_getStaticClassID (ZTrans *trans)
U_CAPI UDate U_EXPORT2 ztrans_getTime (ZTrans *trans)
U_CAPI void *U_EXPORT2 ztrans_getTo (ZTrans *trans)
ztrans_open (UDate time, const void *from, const void *to)
U_CAPI ZTrans *U_EXPORT2 ztrans_openEmpty ()
U_CAPI void U_EXPORT2 ztrans_setFrom (ZTrans *trans, const void *from)
U_CAPI void U_EXPORT2 ztrans_setTime (ZTrans *trans, UDate time)
U_CAPI void U_EXPORT2 ztrans_setTo (ZTrans *trans, const void *to)

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