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U_CAPI void U_EXPORT2 vzone_getOffset3 ( VZone zone,
UDate  date,
UBool  local,
int32_t &  rawOffset,
int32_t &  dstOffset,
UErrorCode ec 

Returns the time zone raw and GMT offset for the given moment in time. Upon return, local-millis = GMT-millis + rawOffset + dstOffset. All computations are performed in the proleptic Gregorian calendar. The default implementation in the TimeZone class delegates to the 8-argument getOffset().

zone,the vzone to use
date moment in time for which to return offsets, in units of milliseconds from January 1, 1970 0:00 GMT, either GMT time or local wall time, depending on `local'.
local if true, `date' is local wall time; otherwise it is in GMT time.
rawOffset output parameter to receive the raw offset, that is, the offset not including DST adjustments
dstOffset output parameter to receive the DST offset, that is, the offset to be added to `rawOffset' to obtain the total offset between local and GMT time. If DST is not in effect, this value is zero; otherwise it is a positive value, typically one hour.
ec input-output error code ICU 4.4

Definition at line 128 of file vzone.cpp.

    return ((VTimeZone*)zone)->VTimeZone::getOffset(date, local, rawOffset, dstOffset, ec);

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