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U_CAPI void U_EXPORT2 vzone_writeSimple ( VZone zone,
UDate  time,
UChar *&  result,
int32_t &  resultLength,
UErrorCode status 

Writes RFC2445 VTIMEZONE data applicalbe for the specified date. Some common iCalendar implementations can only handle a single time zone property or a pair of standard and daylight time properties using BYDAY rule with day of week (such as BYDAY=1SUN). This method produce the VTIMEZONE data which can be handled these implementations. The rules produced by this method can be used only for calculating time zone offset around the specified date.

zone,the vzone to use
time The date used for rule extraction.
result Output param to filled in with the VTIMEZONE data.
status Output param to filled in with a success or an error. ICU 4.4

Definition at line 103 of file vzone.cpp.

References UnicodeString::getBuffer(), and UnicodeString::length().

    UnicodeString s;
    ((VTimeZone*)zone)->VTimeZone::writeSimple(time, s, status);

    resultLength = s.length();
    result = (UChar*)uprv_malloc(resultLength);


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