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#define U_CHARSET_IS_UTF8   0

Hardcode the default charset to UTF-8.

If this is set to 1, then

  • ICU will assume that all non-invariant char*, StringPiece, std::string etc. contain UTF-8 text, regardless of what the system API uses
  • some ICU code will use fast functions like u_strFromUTF8() rather than the more general and more heavy-weight conversion API (ucnv.h)
  • ucnv_getDefaultName() always returns "UTF-8"
  • ucnv_setDefaultName() is disabled and will not change the default charset
  • static builds of ICU are smaller
  • more functionality is available with the UCONFIG_NO_CONVERSION build-time configuration option (see unicode/uconfig.h)
  • the UCONFIG_NO_CONVERSION build option in uconfig.h is more usable

ICU 4.2

See also:

Definition at line 185 of file utypes.h.

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