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#define U8_GET_UNSAFE ( s,


{ \
    int32_t _u8_get_unsafe_index=(int32_t)(i); \
    U8_SET_CP_START_UNSAFE(s, _u8_get_unsafe_index); \
    U8_NEXT_UNSAFE(s, _u8_get_unsafe_index, c); \
Get a code point from a string at a random-access offset, without changing the offset. The offset may point to either the lead byte or one of the trail bytes for a code point, in which case the macro will read all of the bytes for the code point. The result is undefined if the offset points to an illegal UTF-8 byte sequence. Iteration through a string is more efficient with U8_NEXT_UNSAFE or U8_NEXT.

s const uint8_t * string
i string offset
c output UChar32 variable
See also:
U8_GET ICU 2.4

Definition at line 197 of file utf8.h.

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