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RuleBasedTransliterator::RuleBasedTransliterator ( const UnicodeString id,
const TransliterationRuleData theData,
UnicodeFilter adoptedFilter = 0 
) [private]

Covenience constructor.

id the id for the transliterator.
theData the rule data for the transliterator.
adoptedFilter the filter for the transliterator
Constructs a new transliterator from the given rules.
id the id for the transliterator.
rules rules, separated by ';'
direction either FORWARD or REVERSE.
adoptedFilter the filter for this transliterator.
status Output param set to success/failure code.
IllegalArgumentException if rules are malformed or direction is invalid. Covenience constructor with no filter. Covenience constructor with no filter and FORWARD direction. Covenience constructor with FORWARD direction.

Definition at line 139 of file rbt.cpp.

References fData, TransliterationRuleSet::getMaximumContextLength(), TransliterationRuleData::ruleSet, and Transliterator::setMaximumContextLength().

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