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UnicodeString RuleBasedNumberFormat::getRuleSetDisplayName ( const UnicodeString ruleSetName,
const Locale locale = Locale::getDefault() 
) [virtual]

Return the rule set display name for the provided rule set and locale. The locale is matched against the locales for which there is display name data, using normal fallback rules. If no locale matches, the default display name is returned.

the display name for the rule set ICU 3.2
See also:

Definition at line 1017 of file rbnf.cpp.

References getRuleSetDisplayName(), UnicodeString::getTerminatedBuffer(), and UnicodeString::setToBogus().

    if (localizations) {
        UnicodeString rsn(ruleSetName);
        int32_t ix = localizations->indexForRuleSet(rsn.getTerminatedBuffer());
        return getRuleSetDisplayName(ix, localeParam);
    UnicodeString bogus;
    return bogus;

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