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virtual UNormalizationCheckResult Normalizer2::quickCheck ( const UnicodeString s,
UErrorCode errorCode 
) const [pure virtual]

Tests if the string is normalized. For the two COMPOSE modes, the result could be "maybe" in cases that would take a little more work to resolve definitively. Use spanQuickCheckYes() and normalizeSecondAndAppend() for a faster combination of quick check + normalization, to avoid re-checking the "yes" prefix.

s input string
errorCode Standard ICU error code. Its input value must pass the U_SUCCESS() test, or else the function returns immediately. Check for U_FAILURE() on output or use with function chaining. (See User Guide for details.)
UNormalizationCheckResult ICU 4.4

Implemented in FilteredNormalizer2.

Referenced by Normalizer::quickCheck(), and FilteredNormalizer2::quickCheck().

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