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U_NAMESPACE_BEGIN char * ByteSink::GetAppendBuffer ( int32_t  min_capacity,
int32_t  desired_capacity_hint,
char *  scratch,
int32_t  scratch_capacity,
int32_t *  result_capacity 
) [virtual]

Returns a writable buffer for appending and writes the buffer's capacity to *result_capacity. Guarantees *result_capacity>=min_capacity. May return a pointer to the caller-owned scratch buffer which must have scratch_capacity>=min_capacity. The returned buffer is only valid until the next operation on this ByteSink.

After writing at most *result_capacity bytes, call Append() with the pointer returned from this function and the number of bytes written. Many Append() implementations will avoid copying bytes if this function returned an internal buffer.

Partial usage example: int32_t capacity; char* buffer = sink->GetAppendBuffer(..., &capacity); ... Write n bytes into buffer, with n <= capacity. sink->Append(buffer, n); In many implementations, that call to Append will avoid copying bytes.

If the ByteSink allocates or reallocates an internal buffer, it should use the desired_capacity_hint if appropriate. If a caller cannot provide a reasonable guess at the desired capacity, it should pass desired_capacity_hint=0.

If a non-scratch buffer is returned, the caller may only pass a prefix to it to Append(). That is, it is not correct to pass an interior pointer to Append().

The default implementation always returns the scratch buffer.

min_capacity required minimum capacity of the returned buffer; must be non-negative
desired_capacity_hint desired capacity of the returned buffer; must be non-negative
scratch default caller-owned buffer
scratch_capacity capacity of the scratch buffer
result_capacity pointer to an integer which will be set to the capacity of the returned buffer
a buffer with *result_capacity>=min_capacity ICU 4.2

Reimplemented in CheckedArrayByteSink.

Definition at line 13 of file bytestream.cpp.

References NULL.

Referenced by UnicodeString::toUTF8().

  if (min_capacity < 1 || scratch_capacity < min_capacity) {
    *result_capacity = 0;
    return NULL;
  *result_capacity = scratch_capacity;
  return scratch;

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