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U_STABLE void U_EXPORT2 utext_setNativeIndex ( UText ut,
int64_t  nativeIndex 

Set the current iteration position to the nearest code point boundary at or preceding the specified index. The index is in the native units of the original input text. If the index is out of range, it will be pinned to be within the range of the input text.

It will usually be more efficient to begin an iteration using the functions utext_next32From() or utext_previous32From() rather than setIndex().

Moving the index position to an adjacent character is best done with utext_next32(), utext_previous32() or utext_moveIndex32(). Attempting to do direct arithmetic on the index position is complicated by the fact that the size (in native units) of a character depends on the underlying representation of the character (UTF-8, UTF-16, UTF-32, arbitrary codepage), and is not easily knowable.

ut the text to be accessed.
nativeIndex the native unit index of the new iteration position. ICU 3.4

Definition at line 104 of file utext.cpp.

References UTextFuncs::access, UText::chunkContents, UText::chunkLength, UText::chunkNativeLimit, UText::chunkNativeStart, UText::chunkOffset, FALSE, UTextFuncs::mapNativeIndexToUTF16, UText::nativeIndexingLimit, UText::pFuncs, TRUE, UTF16_IS_LEAD, and UTF16_IS_TRAIL.

    if(index<ut->chunkNativeStart || index>=ut->chunkNativeLimit) {
        // The desired position is outside of the current chunk.
        // Access the new position.  Assume a forward iteration from here,
        // which will also be optimimum for a single random access.
        // Reverse iterations may suffer slightly.
        ut->pFuncs->access(ut, index, TRUE);
    } else if((int32_t)(index - ut->chunkNativeStart) <= ut->nativeIndexingLimit) {
        // utf-16 indexing.
    } else {
         ut->chunkOffset=ut->pFuncs->mapNativeIndexToUTF16(ut, index);
    // The convention is that the index must always be on a code point boundary.
    // Adjust the index position if it is in the middle of a surrogate pair.
    if (ut->chunkOffset<ut->chunkLength) {
        UChar c= ut->chunkContents[ut->chunkOffset];
        if (UTF16_IS_TRAIL(c)) {
            if (ut->chunkOffset==0) {
                ut->pFuncs->access(ut, ut->chunkNativeStart, FALSE);
            if (ut->chunkOffset>0) {
                UChar lead = ut->chunkContents[ut->chunkOffset-1];
                if (UTF16_IS_LEAD(lead)) {

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