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U_STABLE int64_t U_EXPORT2 utext_getNativeIndex ( const UText ut  ) 

Get the current iterator position, which can range from 0 to the length of the text. The position is a native index into the input text, in whatever format it may have (possibly UTF-8 for example), and may not always be the same as the corresponding UChar (UTF-16) index. The returned position will always be aligned to a code point boundary.

ut the text to be accessed.
the current index position, in the native units of the text provider. ICU 3.4

Definition at line 94 of file utext.cpp.

References UText::chunkNativeStart, UText::chunkOffset, UTextFuncs::mapOffsetToNative, UText::nativeIndexingLimit, and UText::pFuncs.

    if(ut->chunkOffset <= ut->nativeIndexingLimit) {
        return ut->chunkNativeStart+ut->chunkOffset;
    } else {
        return ut->pFuncs->mapOffsetToNative(ut);

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