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U_STABLE UBool U_EXPORT2 utext_isWritable ( const UText ut  ) 

Return TRUE if the text can be written (modified) with utext_replace() or utext_copy(). For the text to be writable, the text provider must be of a type that supports writing and the UText must not be frozen.

Attempting to modify text when utext_isWriteable() is FALSE will fail - the text will not be modified, and an error will be returned from the function that attempted the modification.

ut the UText to be tested.
TRUE if the text is modifiable.
See also:


utext_copy() ICU 3.4

Definition at line 810 of file utext.cpp.

References UText::providerProperties, and UTEXT_PROVIDER_WRITABLE.

    UBool b = (ut->providerProperties & I32_FLAG(UTEXT_PROVIDER_WRITABLE)) != 0;
    return b;

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