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typedef int32_t U_CALLCONV UTextReplace(UText *ut, int64_t nativeStart, int64_t nativeLimit, const UChar *replacementText, int32_t replacmentLength, UErrorCode *status)

Function type declaration for UText.replace().

Replace a range of the original text with a replacement text.

Leaves the current iteration position at the position following the newly inserted replacement text.

This function need only be implemented on UText types that support writing.

When using this function, there should be only a single UText opened onto the underlying native text string. The function is responsible for updating the text chunk within the UText to reflect the updated iteration position, taking into account any changes to the underlying string's structure caused by the replace operation.

ut the UText representing the text to be operated on.
nativeStart the index of the start of the region to be replaced
nativeLimit the index of the character following the region to be replaced.
replacementText pointer to the replacement text
replacmentLength length of the replacement text in UChars, or -1 if the text is NUL terminated.
status receives any error status. Possible errors include U_NO_WRITE_PERMISSION
The signed number of (native) storage units by which the length of the text expanded or contracted.
ICU 3.4

Definition at line 1243 of file utext.h.

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