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U_STABLE UBool U_EXPORT2 utext_isLengthExpensive ( const UText ut  ) 

Return TRUE if calculating the length of the text could be expensive. Finding the length of NUL terminated strings is considered to be expensive.

Note that the value of this function may change as the result of other operations on a UText. Once the length of a string has been discovered, it will no longer be expensive to report it.

ut the text to be accessed.
TRUE if determining the length of the text could be time consuming. ICU 3.4

Definition at line 87 of file utext.cpp.

References UText::providerProperties, and UTEXT_PROVIDER_LENGTH_IS_EXPENSIVE.

    UBool r = (ut->providerProperties & I32_FLAG(UTEXT_PROVIDER_LENGTH_IS_EXPENSIVE)) != 0;
    return r;

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