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#define UTEXT_GETNATIVEINDEX ( ut   ) 


((ut)->chunkOffset <= (ut)->nativeIndexingLimit?   \
        (ut)->chunkNativeStart+(ut)->chunkOffset :     \
inline version of utext_getNativeIndex(), for performance-critical situations.

Get the current iterator position, which can range from 0 to the length of the text. The position is a native index into the input text, in whatever format it may have (possibly UTF-8 for example), and may not always be the same as the corresponding UChar (UTF-16) index. The returned position will always be aligned to a code point boundary.

ICU 3.6

Definition at line 890 of file utext.h.

Referenced by RuleBasedBreakIterator::checkDictionary(), RuleBasedBreakIterator::current(), RegexMatcher::find(), RuleBasedBreakIterator::handleNext(), RuleBasedBreakIterator::handlePrevious(), RuleBasedBreakIterator::isBoundary(), RegexMatcher::lookingAt(), RegexMatcher::matches(), RuleBasedBreakIterator::preceding(), RegexMatcher::region(), RegexMatcher::reset(), utext_caseCompareNativeLimit(), utext_compareNativeLimit(), and utext_getPreviousNativeIndex().

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