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U_STABLE int32_t U_EXPORT2 uloc_getName ( const char *  localeID,
char *  name,
int32_t  nameCapacity,
UErrorCode err 

Gets the full name for the specified locale. Note: This has the effect of 'canonicalizing' the ICU locale ID to a certain extent. Upper and lower case are set as needed. It does NOT map aliased names in any way. See the top of this header file. This API supports preflighting.

localeID the locale to get the full name with
name fill in buffer for the name without keywords.
nameCapacity capacity of the fill in buffer.
err error information if retrieving the full name failed
the actual buffer size needed for the full name. If it's greater than nameCapacity, the returned full name will be truncated. ICU 2.0

Definition at line 1956 of file uloc.c.

    return _canonicalize(localeID, name, nameCapacity, 0, err);

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