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#define U_SENTINEL   (-1)

This value is intended for sentinel values for APIs that (take or) return single code points (UChar32). It is outside of the Unicode code point range 0..0x10ffff.

For example, a "done" or "error" value in a new API could be indicated with U_SENTINEL.

ICU APIs designed before ICU 2.4 usually define service-specific "done" values, mostly 0xffff. Those may need to be distinguished from actual U+ffff text contents by calling functions like CharacterIterator::hasNext() or UnicodeString::length().

See also:
UChar32 ICU 2.4

Definition at line 134 of file utf.h.

Referenced by RegexMatcher::appendReplacement(), RuleBasedBreakIterator::checkDictionary(), RegexMatcher::find(), RuleBasedBreakIterator::handleNext(), RuleBasedBreakIterator::handlePrevious(), RegexMatcher::lookingAt(), RegexMatcher::matches(), RegexMatcher::region(), RegexMatcher::reset(), u_hasBinaryProperty(), u_strFromUTF32(), u_strFromUTF8(), u_strToUTF32(), u_strToUTF8(), ucnv_getNextUChar(), ucol_nextSortKeyPart(), ucol_strcollIter(), utext_caseCompare(), utext_caseCompareNativeLimit(), utext_char32At(), utext_compare(), utext_compareNativeLimit(), utext_current32(), utext_moveIndex32(), utext_next32(), utext_next32From(), utext_previous32(), utext_previous32From(), utf8_nextCharSafeBody(), and utf8_prevCharSafeBody().

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