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U_STABLE const USet* U_EXPORT2 uspoof_getAllowedChars ( const USpoofChecker sc,
UErrorCode status 

Get a USet for the characters permitted in an identifier. This corresponds to the limits imposed by the Set Allowed Characters functions. Limitations imposed by other checks will not be reflected in the set returned by this function.

The returned set will be frozen, meaning that it cannot be modified by the caller.

Ownership of the returned set remains with the Spoof Detector. The returned set will become invalid if the spoof detector is closed, or if a new set of allowed characters is specified.

sc The USpoofChecker
status The error code, set if this function encounters a problem.
A USet containing the characters that are permitted by the USPOOF_CHAR_LIMIT test. ICU 4.2

Definition at line 144 of file uspoof.cpp.

    const UnicodeSet *result = uspoof_getAllowedUnicodeSet(sc, status);
    return reinterpret_cast<const USet *>(result);

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