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U_INTERNAL UText* U_EXPORT2 uregex_appendTailUText ( URegularExpression regexp,
UText dest 

As the final step in a find-and-replace operation, append the remainder of the input string, starting at the position following the last match, to the destination string. uregex_appendTailUText() is intended to be invoked after one or more invocations of the uregex_appendReplacementUText() function.

regexp The regular expression object. This is needed to obtain the input string and with the position of the last match within it.
dest A mutable UText that will receive the result. Must not be NULL.
The destination UText.

For internal use only.

ICU 4.4 technology preview

Definition at line 1570 of file uregex.cpp.

    RegularExpression *regexp = (RegularExpression*)regexp2;
    return regexp->fMatcher->appendTail(dest);

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