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U_STABLE UBool U_EXPORT2 uregex_hasTransparentBounds ( const URegularExpression regexp,
UErrorCode status 

Queries the transparency of region bounds for this URegularExpression. See useTransparentBounds for a description of transparent and opaque bounds. By default, matching boundaries are opaque.

regexp The compiled regular expression.
status A pointer to a UErrorCode to receive any errors.
TRUE if this matcher is using opaque bounds, false if it is not. ICU 4.0

Definition at line 805 of file uregex.cpp.

References FALSE.

    RegularExpression *regexp = (RegularExpression*)regexp2;
    if (validateRE(regexp, status) == FALSE) {
        return FALSE;
    return regexp->fMatcher->hasTransparentBounds();

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