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int8_t UnicodeString::compare ( const UnicodeString text  )  const [inline]

Compare the characters bitwise in this UnicodeString to the characters in text.

text The UnicodeString to compare to this one.
The result of bitwise character comparison: 0 if this contains the same characters as text, -1 if the characters in this are bitwise less than the characters in text, +1 if the characters in this are bitwise greater than the characters in text. ICU 2.0

Definition at line 3577 of file unistr.h.

References length().

Referenced by ChoiceFormat::applyPattern(), CanonicalIterator::extract(), MessageFormat::findKeyword(), CurrencyPluralInfo::getCurrencyPluralPattern(), NumberFormat::makeInstance(), TransliterationRule::masks(), RelativeDateFormat::parse(), MessageFormat::parse(), DecimalFormat::parse(), ChoiceFormat::parse(), startsWith(), SimpleDateFormat::subParse(), DecimalFormat::subparse(), UnicodeStringTest::TestCompare(), TimeZoneTest::TestCustomParse(), TimeZoneTest::TestDisplayName(), CollationAPITest::TestDisplayName(), LocaleTest::TestGetLangsAndCountries(), RBBIAPITest::TestgetRules(), UnicodeStringTest::TestMiscellaneous(), and CollationAPITest::TestSubclass().

{ return doCompare(0, length(), text, 0, text.length()); }

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