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Transliterator * Transliterator::clone ( void   )  const [virtual]

Implements Cloneable. All subclasses are encouraged to implement this method if it is possible and reasonable to do so. Subclasses that are to be registered with the system using registerInstance() are required to implement this method. If a subclass does not implement clone() properly and is registered with the system using registerInstance(), then the default clone() implementation will return null, and calls to createInstance() will fail.

a copy of the object.
See also:
registerInstance ICU 2.0

Reimplemented in AnyTransliterator, BreakTransliterator, CaseMapTransliterator, CompoundTransliterator, EscapeTransliterator, NameUnicodeTransliterator, NormalizationTransliterator, NullTransliterator, RuleBasedTransliterator, RemoveTransliterator, TitlecaseTransliterator, LowercaseTransliterator, UppercaseTransliterator, UnescapeTransliterator, and UnicodeNameTransliterator.

Definition at line 163 of file translit.cpp.

References NULL.

Referenced by FunctionReplacer::FunctionReplacer(), TransliteratorRegistry::instantiateEntry(), CompoundTransliterator::operator=(), CompoundTransliterator::setTransliterators(), and TransliteratorTest::TestCopyJ476().

    return NULL;

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